Clinical Simulation Center

Funded in collaboration with HRSA, the College has developed a Clinical Simulation Center consisting of:

  • An eight-bed Medical/Surgical Unit
  • An Adult Critical Care Unit
  • A Pediatrics Unit
  • A Maternal/Child Unit

Each area is equipped with technologically advanced, life-like mannequins. These four units are designed to mirror actual hospital units in look and equipment, so students have the added benefit of acclimating to the hospital environment and technology. In addition to providing our students with exceptional learning tools, the College’s Clinical Simulation Center has become a training center for Bon Secours physicians and clinical staff. The advanced technology enables health care professionals to learn new procedures and techniques in the safety of the Center, resulting in better patient care for our community.

The Clinical Simulation Center will provide educationally-sound, realistic simulation experiences to Bon Secours students, employees and community stakeholders to advance the clinical competence of the health care workforce in our facilities and our communities.

1. Create an environment that accurately simulates actual health care experiences.
2. Utilize established best practices for the delivery of clinical simulation experiences.
3. Develop simulation scenarios that are reflective of best practices in the subject matter of the scenario.
4. Link the development of scenarios to the clinical transformation initiatives of Bon Secours specifically and the general health care community.
5. Maintain curricular integrity in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of clinical scenarios.