COVID-19 is a rapidly changing situation. Keeping our students, faculty and staff safe, healthy and informed is our top priority. We continue to be diligent in updating our FAQ, resources and support for the BSMCON community in this difficult and unprecedented time. Your questions help to inform our FAQ and we welcome your inquiries and questions at

General FAQ 

Is the College open?
Yes; Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing will continue to operate during regular business hours. 

Are students allowed to come on campus for the Spring 2021 semester?
Yes, however entry to the building is only for those students who must come to campus for clinical simulation instruction or have an approved purpose such as a reserved library time.

Please refer to the Student Communication that was sent on August 10, 2020.

How can I access the library?
The library is open Monday through Friday, by online reservation only, 8am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 5 pm. The College Librarian will be available in the Learning Commons on Mondays and Thursdays. If you need library support, the College Librarian will be available by phone or email to offer library services. She can be reached at (804) 627-5340 or by email: 

How can I return my library books to the College?
Books can be dropped off Monday – Friday between 8am and 4pm in the marked bin by the front door for the receptionist to retrieve. Books will be quarantined for an appropriate period before re-circulating.

How can students effectively take notes without printing access?
We realize some of you are used to printing notes; however, consider the following strategies: 

  • As you watch the PowerPoint lecture, capture key points electronically in the notes section of the PowerPoint document.
  • Pause the video lecture when necessary to write notes.
  • Write your notes on paper using categories and topics, this can help you identify what you need to review.
  • For additional note taking tips and strategies contact your success advisor.

Is there a resource to contact if I am feeling anxious about the COVID-19 situation?
If you are experiencing increased anxiety related to COVID-19 or if you need individual confidential counseling, please log into MyLifeExpert (free 24/7 access). Visit and enter the company code (ask your success advisor for the code), your student email, and create a unique user name if you're a first time user. 

What should I do if I'm not getting text messages from the College with important updates?
Please update your Student Portal Account to ensure we have your most recent and accurate contact information.

How are student organizations operating during the Spring 2021 semester?
Student organizations are active and are utilizing Zoom and other remote tools for the Spring 2021 semester.

Do you plan to hold the May Commencement ceremony?
Information regarding the May 2021 Commencement can be found on the College's commencement page.

How is the College keeping students, faculty and staff informed?
Direct communications will be sent to the College community as needed and posted to the College's COVID-19 webpage.

How is Bon Secours Mercy Health involved in planning and response?
Bon Secours Mercy Health continues to monitor this rapidly evolving situation. Please visit the Bon Secours Monitoring Coronavirus page for more information.

Is there a number or email I can use to ask questions?
Please call (804) 627-5300 or send an email to COVID-19 Response if you have additional concerns or questions. 


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