Vaccine and Coronavirus Resources

Updated 9/2023

The purpose of this resource page is to provide professionally reviewed information on vaccines and the coronavirus. Unfortunately, because there is pervasive misinformation about these topics, wrong information may be easier to find than correct information. This resource is intended to point people to accurate information.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) carefully reviews new scientific data and provide it to the public. Their COVID-19 index page can be found here (direct link:

A ‘frequently asked questions (faq)’ page created by the CDC can be found here; it addresses booster vaccines and many other popular questions. Direct link:

Finally, CDC has developed a webpage which specifically addresses several common rumors about coronavirus vaccines. (direct link:

Lippincott is a trusted name in healthcare information, and during the pandemic they are providing special resources, including pocket cards, vaccine webinars, and so forth. The main page can be found here (direct link:

The American Nursing Association (ANA) strongly urges all nurses and other healthcare providers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Their resource center page can be found here (direct link:

The American Association of Clinical Nursing (AACN) has noticed that burnout and other mental health issues have increased among nurses by the pandemic, and they have created a resources page on boosting resiliency and well-being (direct link:

The Virginia Department of Health has its own website, which provides more localized information on the pandemic. Direct link:

CDC on Social Media:


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