Our Mission

The mission of the Office for Student Success is to provide academic support, connect students to resources, help students meet their educational goals and encourage academic achievement and excellence.

Our Services

Our team is here to help you successfully navigate nursing school. Our approach is two-fold: Academic Advising and Student Support for students in both programs, traditional BSN and online RN-BSN. We do this this by offering the following:

Academic Advising Student Support
  • Curriculum Guidance
  • Tutoring
  • Time Management 
  • Study Strategies
  • Academic Goal Setting
  • Test Taking
  • Academic Counseling
  • REACH or LifeMatters (formerly EAP)
  • Plan of Study
  • Career Counseling


Our Team

Under the direction of Dia Lisner, Director of Student Success, the team has three Student Success Advisors and a Career Counselor who are here to guide and support you from the beginning of your enrollment through graduation and beyond. 

Arif Fazel, MS Erica Stubblefield, MEd
Student Success Advisor Student Success Advisor
Office 239 Office 231
arif_fazel@bshsi.org erica_stubblefield@bshsi.org
(804) 627-5446 (804) 627-5303


Allison Peterson, MS Ed Tate Sanchez, BFA
Career Counselor  Student Success Advisor
Office 232 Office 228
allison_peterson@bshsi.org tate_sanchez@bshsi.org
(804) 627-5381 (804) 627-5488


Lydia (Dia) Lisner, BA
Director of Student Success
Office 233
(804) 627-5335

Academic Tools

GPA Calculator  (click to download, Excel file)

Time Management Calculator

Sometimes the simple act of writing down and planning out how your time is being spent each day helps you to determine different ways to better manage your time. This time management calculator may help you manage your time more efficiently. (Adapted from the University of Connecticut)


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