General ADM 1.01 Establishing and Maintaining College Policies
  ADM 1.02 E-mail
  ADM 1.03 Systems and Data Security
  ADM 1.04 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
  ADM 1.05 Records Management
  ADM 1.06 Appeal Process for Student Grievances/Complaints: Academic and Non-Academic 
  ADM 1.07 Academic Freedom 
  ADM 1.10 Role of Faculty Advisor to Student Organizations
  ADM 1.12 Children and Pets in the Academic Setting
  ADM 1.13 Posting Notices
  ADM 1.14 Recruitment
  ADM 1.18 Student Verification in Distance Learning
  ADM 1.19 Shared Governance 
  ADM 1.20 Academic Research 
  ADM 1.21 Computer Requirements 

ADM 2.01 Academic Definitions
  ADM 2.02 College Grading System
  ADM 2.03 Academic Calendar
  ADM 2.04 Changes of Curricula, Courses, Catalog and/or Semester Schedule -
  ADM 2.05 Academic Advisement and Support Services
  ADM 2.06 Satisfactory Academic Progress
  ADM 2.07 General Education Requirements
  ADM 2.08 Attendance Policy
Student Services ADM 3.01 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  ADM 3.02 Drug and Substance Abuse
  ADM 3.03 Students with Disabilities 
  ADM 3.04 Social Media 
  ADM 3.06 Demographic Information Change
  ADM 3.07 Standard Period of NonEnrollment or Permanent Resignation
  ADM 3.08 Add/Drop/Withdrawal
  ADM 3.09 Transcripts
  ADM 3.10 Transfer Credit
  ADM 3.11 College Admissions/Readmissions
  ADM 3.12 Graduation Requirements
  ADM 3.14 Academic Classification
  ADM 3.17 Honor System
  ADM 3.19 Student Organizations
  ADM 3.21 Student Rights and Responsibilites
Financial Aid ADM 4.01 Student Verification of Enrollment
  ADM 4.02 Federal Financial Aid Programs
  ADM 4.03 Philosophy-Office of Financial Aid
  ADM 4.04 Financial Aid Verification Policy
  ADM 4.05 Student Accounts
  ADM 4.06 Rights and Responsibilities of Accepting Aid
  ADM 4.07 Prior Financial Aid
  ADM 4.08 Needs Analysis
  ADM 4.09 Financial Aid Code of Conduct
  ADM 4.10 Book Advance Program
  ADM 4.11 Federal Definitions
  ADM 4.12 Systems Operations
  ADM 4.13 Unusual Enrollment History (UEH) 
  ADM 4.14 Federal Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Limit 
  ADM 4.15 Establishing Principles of Excellence - Military Financial Aid Shopping Sheet 
Fiscal ADM 5.01 Tuition/Fees
  ADM 5.02 Financial Refund
Personnel/Human Resources ADM 6.01

Employee Educational Leave

  ADM 6.02 Promotion in Rank
  ADM 6.03 Faculty Personal Leave
Library ADM 7.01 Copyright Policy
  ADM 7.02 Library Use
Clinical Simulation Center ADM 8.01  Clinical Simulation Center
  ADM 8.02  Equipment Storage-Clinical Simulation Center
  ADM 8.03  Confidentiality in Simulation
  ADM 8.04  Safety in Simulation
  ADM 8.05  Equipment Maintenance-Clinical Simulation Center
Safety ADM 9.01 Encouraging Accurate and Prompt Crime Reporting
  ADM 9.02 Emergency Notifications
  ADM 9.03 Bias and Hate Crimes
  ADM 9.04 Annual Security Report
  ADM 9.05 Registered Sex Offender Policy
  ADM 9.06 Security Awareness Programs Policy Statement
  ADM 9.07 Timely Warning
  ADM 9.08 Voluntary Confidential Reporting
  ADM 9.09 Sex Offense Policy
  ADM 9.10 Student Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures
  ADM 9.11 Regulations on Weapons


General NUR 1.01 Nursing Faculty Workload Policy
  NUR 1.02 Essential Technical Standards for Nursing Students
  NUR 1.03 Clinical Compliance Requirements
  NUR 1.04 Nursing Student Dress Code

Admissions Progression, Graduation

NUR 2.01


Admission Requirements

  NUR 2.02 Nursing Progression
  NUR 2.03 Grading System 
  NUR 2.06 Credit by NLN Proficiency Examinations
Curriculum NUR 3.01 Prerequisites and Co-requisites
  NUR 3.02 Curriculum Planning - BSN Program
  NUR 3.04 Preparation of Course Syllabus - BSN 
  NUR 3.05 Attendance and Tardiness 
  NUR 3.07 Preceptor Program Guidelines BSN