Student Government Organization (SGO)

The College supports the Student Government Organization (SGO). The purpose of the SGO is to:

  • Encourage the highest standards of honor and integrity in all matters of professional and social conduct.
  • To provide the opportunity for students to share their ideas, interests, and concerns of nursing education with other nursing students in this school.
  • Promote an atmosphere of cooperation, understanding, and communication among the students, faculty, and administration.
  • Promote interest and participation in professional development.
  • Promote programs and community service opportunities of professional interest and concern.

Membership in the Student Government Organization (SGO) affords students the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility and leadership. The SGO promotes self-discipline and cooperation between faculty and students. It strives to uphold high standards of personal and professional conduct.

Student Government Organization bylaws


Student Government Organization Leadership

2018 Officers
President: Ashley Dawson
    Vice President: Dana Courtney
    Secretary: Kelsey Singh
    Treasurer: Charlotte Browning 
    Community Service Chair: Danielle Reed
    Social Chair: Katie Biernack
    Legislative Chair: Brooke Hettinger
    Communications Chair: Abigail Hennigan
    Honor Council Chair: Farwa Matten

Honor Council Representatives:

Lillian Facka, Jenna Witte, Brittany Ashe