student success resources

We are here to help you succeed. The mission of the Office for Student Success is to provide academic support, connect students to resources, help students meet their educational goals and encourage academic achievement and excellence.

Students can receive assistance with creating academic action plans, time management, note-taking, study/test-taking skills, disability referral and accommodations, tutoring, referrals for personal counseling, in addition to other needs-based services.

Tonya Osmond, EdD
Director of Student Success
Office 217
Telephone: (804) 627-5488

Jared Crist, BA
Academic Counselor
Office 219
Telephone: (804) 627-5390

academic advising

Incoming students will be assigned a permanent faculty advisor who will work with them during their time at BSMCON. The advisor is instrumental in helping foster student success and guiding the student’s educational experience. Students will be encouraged to get to know their advisor and meet with them several times each semester in addition to the required advising periods. 

The purpose of academic advising is create a collaborative relationship between student and advisor, where both are active participants working to help the student achieve their educational goals. Advisors connect all students to the institution by building relationships, provide students with appropriate, timely information, serve as a resource agent, and strive to have a positive impact on student satisfaction. 

advisor responsibilities

  • Help students understand curriculum, policies, and procedures
  • Encourage/guide students to develop realistic goals
  • Advise on appropriate coursework and educational experiences
  • Provide information about available resources at BSMCON
  • Monitor student progress
  • Assist students in working closely with their instructors
  • Develop/strengthen study/test-taking skills
  • Support students in making responsible decisions regarding their education

student responsibilities

  • Schedule regular appointments/make contact with advisor each semester
  • Come prepared to meetings with questions/materials for discussion
  • Ask questions if something is unclear
  • Share with advisor goals and interests
  • Become knowledgeable about program, policies and procedures
  • Accept responsibility for decisions
  • Keep advisor informed of changes/progress/problems
  • Be an active participant in the process

how to make an appointment

BSMCON advisors schedule their own appointments. You can contact your advisor directly through phone or email to schedule an appointment. All advisors have office hours posted on their door for student convenience. Please check with your advisor for preferred method of communication. 

additional resources