Study Abroad Application Available!

The focus of the course is to explore the footsteps of the Bon Secours Sisters to cultivate one’s call to serve. This course includes a pilgrimage to Bon Secours Retreat and Conference Center, Bon Secours Baltimore hospital, and Bon Secours Paris. Students will explore the history, present, and future work of Bon Secours to reflect on one’s journey of being and becoming a servant leader.

Students interested in participating in the study abroad course will need to respond to the following statements. The application is due October 1. Applications will be reviewed and participants will be selected by the designated selection committee. Please click here to apply.

Please refer to this link for the official Summer 2019 Study Abroad Flyer and if you have questions, we hope this document will assist providing you an answer:

Summer Study Abroad FAQ

Paris Group 2018

Please contact Dr. Perkins if you have additional questions about application process or the study abroad course.