What is the College Ambassador program?

This College Ambassador program at Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing is designed to provide leadership opportunities for current students to interact with prospective and current students in a professional setting. Students will be offered a professional, distinct, resume-worthy experience that will help them strengthen their individual skills so they will become more successful in the nursing profession.  The Mission of the college ambassador program is to cultivate leadership skills within a professional setting. Students complete an orientation prior to the start of classes; this orientation provides an overview of program expectations and training.  Monthly meetings are held to reinforce learning opportunities and provide ongoing training. Students may participate in this program for a maximum of three years. Applications are available in the spring semester, and are communicated via email. 

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Who is eligible to apply?

The College Ambassador program is open to all students once each academic year. This program is an extra-curricular program in which students apply for and are accepted after a rigorous application process. Students are chosen based on application questions, academics and a panel interview comprised of various staff at the college.

What are the responsibilities of the College Ambassador?

  • Participate in College Ambassador training
  • One year commitment
  • Give campus tours to prospective student and families
  • Participate in student panels
  • Attend new student orientation
  • Help facilitate communications through marketing initiatives
  • Serve as graduation marshals
  • Raise awareness about student resources
  • Student success events
  • Career events

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