Alumni Advisory Board

As the Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing’s loudest and proudest champions, the Alumni Advisory Board is comprised of alumni leadership dedicated to supporting the College and its alumni! The Board acts as the official voice of the alumni community.

BSMCON 2023-2024 Alumni Advisory Board

Back row (left to right): Tracey Seward, Michelle Crittenden, Jomi Cooke, Robin Scott; Front row (left to right): Farwa Mateen, Brittney Hyman, Casey Shinault

About the Alumni Advisory Board 

Founded in 2020, the Board has been instrumental in elevating the alumni experience as part of the College community while also advancing the College as a key strategic partner. To these ends, the Board:

  • Advises the BSMCON Administration of the views and needs of BSMCON alumni
  • Acts as a resource to inform and support the College’s alumni outreach
  • Helps expand the network of the College
  • Advances the institution and awareness in the community
  • Cultivates relationships with the College’s constituents
  • Respects the history and values of the College and honoring the evolution of past, present, and future

All graduates of the Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing, Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing, Richmond Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, and Bon Secours Baltimore School of Nursing who are registered Alumni Ambassadors are eligible for Board membership.

Bylaws of the Alumni Advisory Board

Members of the Alumni Advisory Board

  • Casey Shinault ’98 – Chairperson
  • Anne Dunnington ’09 – Past Chairperson
  • Michelle Crittenden ‘91
  • Tyra Fuller '19
  • Brittney Hyman ‘17
  • Sara Jennings ‘04
  • Farwa Mateen ‘16
  • Sherrie Rigler '99
  • Robin Scott ‘93
  • Tracey Seward ‘08

Committees of the Board

Nominating and Membership Committee - The Board Nominating and Membership Committee will review and recommend names to the Board consistent with the purpose set forth in Article I and new members will be added by majority vote of the Board.

Awards Committee - The Board Awards Committee will develop and coordinate the annual conferral of awards that recognize alumni of distinction who have met the established criteria.

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For information regarding joining the Alumni Advisory Board or one of the Committees of the Board, please contact Jared Crist, Director of Student and Alumni Affairs, at or Dayna Scarberry, Alumni Relations Coordinator, at with any questions or for additional information.

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