Global Outreach

Cultivating servant leaders who are passionate about bringing people and communities to health is central to our mission. Students have several opportunities each year to embark on life-changing mission trips with faculty members from the College, their fellow students and alumni. Applications for these opportunities are communicated via Blackboard throughout the year.

Alternative Spring Break

The College offers the opportunity for students to participate in Alternative Spring Break by volunteering locally and serving the community in a variety of ways. From housing and food insecurity to environmental and patient support, students have worked with organizations including the Lewis Ginter Community Kitchen Garden; the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House; Housing Families First; the Habitat for Humanity ReStore; James River Trails; and the Richmond Ronald McDonald House.

Alternative Spring Break
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Spring Break International Service Trip

The goal of this international service trip is for students to immerse themselves in another culture and provide nursing care to those in need. By working in the field without the convenience of modern technology, students are challenged to assess and address the needs of our patients without the benefit of lab work, diagnostic imaging, and other technological tools. Students make a commitment to physically touch and comfort every person who comes to see them, and minister to their individual needs. This annual mission trip is typically held over spring break with teams serving in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and in the Bahamas in recent years.

Mountain Mission School (MMS)

The MMS serves as home, church and school to more than 200 children in need, coming to them not only from Appalachia, but also from more than 60 countries worldwide. MMS provides each child with the foundation of first-rate academics, a loving family environment, positive social support, and a firm commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Students have the opportunity to interact with faculty and students while participating and leading in a variety of activities.

Remote Area Medical

Remote Area Medical is a stateside outreach program geared toward underserved communities in Appalachia. RAM provides clinic events, mobilizes partners and uses health care provider abilities to offer free preventative, dental and vision care to help improve the quality of life of those in the most underserved and impoverished areas. RAM teams currently serve in Emporia, Grundy and Warsaw, Virginia.

  • Emporia (June):  Students selected for the RAM Team will spend a long weekend in Emporia, Virginia.  Emporia is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, surrounded by Greensville County, It is approximately 59.35 miles from Richmond, Virginia. Students will have an opportunity to provide health care to this population and explore the paper mill and plastics manufacturing culture of the second-least populous city in Virginia. Students will also attend a church service, visit local areas, and socialize with the people of the community.
  • Grundy (October):  Students selected for the RAM Team will spend a long weekend (1st weekend in October) in Grundy, Virginia.  This area is in Buchanan County in southwest Virginia approximately 6 hours from Richmond, Virginia.  Students will have an opportunity to provide health care to this population and explore the culture of the Appalachian region by attending a church service, visiting local areas, and socializing with the people of the community.
  • Warsaw (November):  Students selected for the RAM Team will spend a long weekend (1st weekend in November) in Warsaw, Virginia.  Students will travel from Richmond on Friday morning to Warsaw.  They will have the opportunity to explore Warsaw and interact with members of the community over dinner that evening.  Students will spend Saturday at the clinic and end their trip with Sunday services at the local church. 

Move Mountains Medical Mission-Health Wagon

Wise County (July):  Students selected for this team will spend a long weekend in Wise, Virginia.  Students will have an opportunity to provide health care at one of area's largest events held throughout the year.  Students and faculty will work along side hundreds of volunteers to provide medical and dental assistance to the people of Southwest Virginia. This was previously operated by Remote Area Medical and has now been turned over to their partners at Health Wagon.

The Tangier Island Experience

(Summer): Team members will have the opportunity to spend time with local residents during their 2 days on the island exploring social determinants of health and the evolution of healthcare on Tangier.  Members will attend Wednesday evening church service, participate in Tuesday clinic hours, and visit with the watermen to learn about daily life in the fishing industry.

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