A Ministry of Education since 1921

In 1881, three Sisters of Bon Secours, whose ministry was founded to care for the sick, came to Baltimore from France. In 1919, the Sisters opened the first U.S. hospital in Baltimore as a “Hospital and Training School for Nurses.” In 1921, they opened the Bon Secours Hospital School of Nursing, which operated until 1970.

Today, the Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing carries on the ministry of the Sisters, preparing future generations of nurses who feel called to the profession. In an industry facing a critical shortage of professionals, BSMCON is poised to infuse qualified and compassionate nurses into our region’s hospitals and care settings.

With a growing focus on population health and caring for people in vulnerable populations, BSMCON is adapting to a changing medical landscape by preparing nurses to care for their patients in the context of their communities. Service-learning and global outreach opportunities help give our students a well-rounded care perspective focused on wellness and health education.


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