The mission of Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing is to foster holistic lifelong learning through innovative career education designed to cultivate servant leaders who are passionate about bringing people and communities to health and wholeness. 


We will be the College of choice for those who consider caring to be calling and a ministry inclusive of the needs of all people.


As a higher education institution, we commit that our mission, vision, and strategic direction are framed within these value statements:

COMPASSION - intentional engagement in caring practices that embodies a culture of respect, integrity, and justice
QUALITY - commitment to education excellence that promotes lifelong intellectual, ethical, and spiritual growth
SERVICE - cultivation of an attentive spirit that seeks to empower others in the co-creation of a just and caring world

Goal Statements

Caring - Provide a framework for positively impacting society through culturally sensitive service to the global community.

  1. Create opportunities for faculty, staff and students to provide culturally sensitive service to local, regional, national, and international communities.
  2. Cultivate an environment of respect, compassion, and servant leadership which actively promotes and facilitates the development of servant leaders.
  3. Embed the core concepts of ministry, mission, and civic engagement into the curriculum and campus life. 

Learning - Foster an environment designed to engage the learner in the development of a critical and creative consciousness.

  1. Attract, empower, and retain mission-focused students, faculty, and staff committed to academic excellence and lifelong learning.
  2. Provide a stimulating learning environment that excites curiosity, encourages creativity and integrates community commitment into the learning process.

Transforming - Liberate the potential of the College community by expanding individual and collective capabilities with respect to knowledge, discernment, and growth. 

  1. Empower faculty and staff to reach their full potential through professional development and mission-related opportunities.
  2. Integrate a variety of learning styles into the delivery of the curriculum to enhance the growth of the whole person.
  3. Cultivate an understanding of the importance of the College within the Bon Secours Ministry – a Ministry of Education. 

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