Our graduates go on to become leaders in the nursing profession, working in hospitals, along with community health and medical practice settings. Many of our graduates – 73 percent on average - go on to work in a Bon Secours hospital, while many have found their training to be highly valued across the U.S.

Career Success at a Glance

  • 95 percent of 2019-2020 graduates were employed after graduation
  • 93.57 percent of our students passed the NCLEX-RN in 2021
  • 100 percent of rising graduates have the opportunity to interview for RN jobs with Bon Secours Mercy Health
  • The 2021 average median pay for RNs was $77,600 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 

In addition to providing our nurses with considerable clinical experiences – more than 900 hours - in Bon Secours hospitals, our nursing education program centers around the mission of Bon Secours. At the forefront of our professional philosophy is educating nurses to build caring relationships with their patients. Our nurses are advocates for their patients, leading the effort to create an environment of trust based on compassion and competence.

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