Student Spotlight: Catherine McPherson

Catherine McPherson, a BSN student at Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing (BSMCON) and a former Division I soccer player, fell in love with nursing after taking pre-requisite classes during her undergraduate career. She made the decision to place this dream on the back burner due to the demands that come with being a student-athlete. McPherson graduated with a degree in psychology and human biology and then later received her master’s degree in counseling. She worked as a counselor for many years while raising her three daughters. “My husband encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. I thought I was too old to go back to school and start over again, but he continued to encourage me,” McPherson said.

She was accepted into a program close to where she lived but didn’t think it was the right fit. “I kept hearing about BSMCON and how they produce strong, resilient, service-oriented nurses. After talking to graduates and realizing the impact they have on the community and in the hospital, I knew it was the place for me,” she said. “I can honestly say that BSMCON has been the perfect fit for me.”

Shortly after the start of her journey, COVID-19 hit. In the months that followed, McPherson became aware of the impact nurses have on their patients, the families and those around them. “Every nurse I encountered left a lasting impression on me; I was inspired to continue pursuing this dream,” She stated.

During her time at BSMCON, she became a tech at St. Mary’s on the cardiovascular surgery unit and in the emergency department (ED) to gain more experience in the hospital setting. McPherson is currently doing her immersion at St. Francis in the ED where she has accepted a job after graduation.  




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