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Cost of Attendance (COA) is the anticipated cost that a student may incur during an Academic Year to attend BSMCON, which includes costs that are not assessed directly by BSMCON. COA includes costs for Tuition and Fees, books, course materials, supplies & equipment, living expenses, transportation, personal costs, and professional credential (i.e. NCLEX)

COA does not reflect the actual Charges that a student will incur on the BSMCON Student Ledger Card (or Registration Bill). Students should budget for these additional costs included in COA, even though not all costs are directly assessed by BSMCON. Students should also reference Technology Requirements policy when evaluating COA. Finally, students who are interested in participating in extracurricular activities such as student organizations, mission trips, and community service events may need to evaluate associated costs, as extracurricular activities are not included in COA.   

If a student has a special circumstance that should be considered for an adjustment to   the cost of attendance budget, students should contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss this in more detail and will be given directions on how to process a request for a Cost of Attendance Appeal.



*Books, Course Materials & Equipment include costs for textbooks, other school supplies, uniforms, laptop computer, printer, stethoscope, pen with light, watch with second hand, immunizations, criminal background check, drug screen, CPR certification, and shoes.

**Living Expense includes costs for housing, utilities, internet, and food.


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