Community Compassion: LHP Ensures No Student Goes Hungry

The Little Hope Pantry (LHP) serves as a compassionate solution for students experiencing food insecurity. The pantry offers a simple, yet powerful way for members of our community to access essential food items and contribute what they can spare. Whether you're a student or a member of the RHEI community, your donations are warmly welcomed. Feel free to leave your donations in your pantry of choice. Together, we create a support network that ensures no one goes without.

At a Glance:

What is LHP?

Little Hope Pantry


LHP is a non-threatening resource for students who may be struggling with food insecurity.


LHP is set up in each student lounge on the Magellan and Clairemont Court Campuses.


LHP operates similar to a "little free library" in which members of our communities can take what they need and donate what they can. Donations are welcome from all who wish to contribute in the RHEI community.


Provided by RHEI and community.

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