Listed below is the full range of forms that may be needed to complete the financial aid processes.

Adobe Acrobat ReaderThe latest version of Adobe Reader is required to view and complete the following forms. 


Financial Aid Request Form

To request Financial Aid, students will need to complete the Financial Aid Request Form and complete a 2019/2020 FAFSA.

BSHSI Employees

This awards a 20% discount to tuition for nursing courses taken at the college. This award is for students that are employees or legal dependent (per IRS code) of employees for Bon Secours Health System, Inc. with an employment status of full, part-time, or PRN.
For returning students: This form must be signed, and received 30 calendar days before the start of every semester to be valid. 
First semester BSMCON Students: This form must be signed, and received prior to the first day of class to be valid. 

Verification Documentation

Students should review their Verification Notification that was sent to your BSMCON email to ensure you select the accurate form/s below. Verification Documents must have a handwritten signature. Electronic signature will not be accepted. 

Dependent Students

Independent Students

Verification of Unusual Tax Circumstances 

This form is applicable to students or parent with the following circumstance:
-Independent Student of Parent of Dependent students that were not required to file
-Student or parent filed a foreign tax return
-Student or parent are required to file, and will file
-Student or parent filed and amended tax return
-Student or parent are victim of identity theft

Data Mismatch Resolution Forms

Bachelor's Degree Verification

Required if there is a discrepancy between documents received by the OFA and the student's FAFSA in regards to if the student has obtained a prior bachelors degree.

Change of Name Form

Student must provide completed form and attach approved government issued identification if they change their name. This document and attachments are returned to the Office of the Registrar. 

Citizenship Verification Form

Student must provide completed form along with acceptable form of original identification if the FAFSA is unable to confirm citizenship with the Department of Homeland Security.

Marital Status Form

Student must provide completed form when there is a discrepancy between the marital status listed on the FAFSA and received documentation. 

Request for Veteran Information 

This form provides directions on how to resolve a data conflict on the completed FAFSA when the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) did not match and confirm that you are a veteran. 

Selective Service Registration Verification 

This form must be completed if the FAFSA reported that student failed to register for Selective Services.

Billing or Benefit Documentation 

Outside Scholarship Form

Required for students that are receiving funds from any organization that is not affiliated with the college or through the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation. 

Third Party Authorization for Billing

Required if student needs to have a third party billed to cover educational expenses. You must print, sign, scan and email this form, with all requested attachments to: BSR-Bursar

Veteran Enrollment Certification 

This form must be completed and submitted in advance of each semester for students that wish to utilize Veteran Benefits. You must print, sign, scan and email this form, with all requested attachments to:Shawn Ruppert

Miscellaneous Forms

Direct Deposit Form for Refunds/Stipends

This form authorizes BSMCON to deposit any amounts owed to me by depositing into my account at my financial institution. Fill out this form along with a voided check or ask your bank to provide you with documentation of the Routing/Transit Number for your account. Return to the Bursar:BSR-Bursar

PLUS Loan Request Form

This form is required for a parent borrower to receive a PLUS loan. This form will need to be completed along with a credit approval and a Master Promissory Note completed by the parent borrower.

Appeal Forms

Adjust Cost of Attendance Appeal Form 

Use this form to appeal and address special circumstances which may impact you eligibility for aid. If you have additional expenses which exceed the standard cost of attendance for this academic year, you may appeal to have your Cost of Attendance (COA) reviewed. Please be aware that additional aid is not guaranteed. 

Income Appeal for Consideration of Special or Extraordinary Circumstances

Use this form to report a change in family situation that is not addressed on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA uses financial data from the prior tax year to establish eligibility for financial aid. Special circumstance appeals are reviewed on a case by case basis. Please be aware that additional aid is not guaranteed.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

A student who is ineligible for federal financial aid due to not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements may appeal his/her ineligibility by completing this form.