The term "alternative student loans" is often interchangeable with "private student loans". These loans are often referred to as "alternative" because the most typical method of borrowing money for college is through Federal loans that are either underwritten or guaranteed by the Federal government. While Federal loans are primarily based on a student's need, alternative loans are based on the student's and/or co-borrowers creditworthiness.

Alternative student loans can certainly help you pay for your college education. Before you pursue any private loan you should be sure that you have utilized every Federal financial resource available to you.

Our recommended source for private student loans is ELM Select.

The Office of Financial Aid is willing to work with any lender the borrower selects as long as they will agree to provide loan services to our students.

The amount you apply for cannot exceed your cost of attendance for the academic year. See Cost of Attendance page for more information.

If you chose to use ELM Select, the college will be notified upon your completion of the application process. If you choose to use another resource please have the lender email the loan certification to the Office of Financial Aid: